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Hello and welcome to the research home page for Dr. Mark Muller’s Laboratory of Cancer Research at the University of Central Florida in beautiful Orlando, Florida.  This site contains information about my research, publications and staff. I have tried to present my work in simple lay language to help you understand what we do.   Hopefully, I will succeed in getting out my message, but I do apologize for some of the technical language. 

Mark T. Muller, Ph.D.    

What We Do

The laboratory is an established group of researchers working on the molecular biology of growth control in normal and cancer cells.  We are focused on critical pathways that contribute to carcinogenesis (formation of cancer) and we are actively searching for new inroads to anti-cancer therapy.  Specific research areas center around cellular pathways representing high value therapeutic targets to treat the disease.   These pathways include epigenetic regulation of gene expression as well as DNA repair pathways.   In addition, we are identifying drugs that inhibit or poison essential DNA binding proteins in cancer cells.   Our other projects are described in the linked pages on the navigation pane at the top, along with recent publications from my group of collaborators.

I am also passionate about aviation and fly a modern single engine aircraft called a Columbia.  This is an all fiberglass airframe that has a glass panel (Electronic Flight Information System or EFIS).  With long range (>1000 miles) and  decent cruise speeds (225 mph Top Cruise) it is a reasonably efficient way to travel. I can easily beat the airlines anywhere East of the Mississippi.  I have flown non-stop from Denver to Orlando (start with full fuel and empty bladder, landing in Orlando is the the opposite).  It is a safe way to travel IF you are careful about the weather.  Mother nature is very unforgiving about sloppy flight planning.